Flipping From Scratch Episode 11: Learning Maps and Conclusion

Learning maps can be an option to tie it all together.

In this vlog we bring the current project to a conclusion. We take a look at learning maps as a way to organize your flipped chapter or flipped classroom. We also talk about how flipped learning goes beyond the k-12 student and can extend to teachers and parents. Finally, we provide some additional resources for flipped learning that can be accessed below. 

Click here or the graphic below for episode 11. 

Click Here for The Flipped Learning Network F-L-I-P Training Series


Click Here for The Flipped Learning Network D.I.B.s Training Series

Click Here to read about mapping out PD 

Click Here to read about training a whole school

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  • This series was so helpful! Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge, philosophies about FLIP, and experiences with teachers like me who have just now stumbled upon the concept and are hungry for more information. I had already completed an online training about flipped learning, but this was by far more helpful because I am a math teacher, and you shared practical advice to get started and to keep growing. Thank you again!

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