Flip, Organize & Communicate Curriculum With DIBs (New Training Series)

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Digital Instruction Blocks (DIBs) can be the graphic framework that unifies the many threads and types of media in your curriculum into a clear, unified, and accessible whole.


The threads of learning:

Flipped educators are creative and ingenious people.  Whether your flipped learning involves video or is focused on text, I am willing to bet that your classroom involves a variety of learning threads that flow and interweave through your courses.  Instruction can be found here, demonstrations over here, mastery opportunities in this area, while supplements and re-learning materials are over here. Formative assessment utilizes this structure, additional practice involves this program or website, the labs are available over here, and the list goes on.  The paper, the media, the videos, the apps, and the demonstrations that are the stuff from which we weave learning can easily become a game of “Where’s Learning Waldo”.  We can organize learning in to units, then goals, then skills, then activities, and on down but now we have limited our ability to weave an engaging picture.

May I suggest that taking those granular skills and all of the associated learning threads and placing them into single discrete online resources called Digital Instruction Blocks (DIBs). Further, placing those DIBs into flexible, and graphical, learning maps is the most effective way to weave a creative learning picture that is accessible to all students.

Weaving a tapestry:

Below are the first two installments of a nine-part video series that will describe, demonstrate, and walk you through weaving your learning threads into a tapestry of your own. Although I am releasing this free training series in a particular order due to constraints of the blog structure, you can see from the learning map of the series that when compiled as a whole the map clearly shows groupings of similar ideas and reflects the split of theoretical and practical training ahead in this series.  Enjoy these first two entries in this new series from The Flipped Learning Network and please don’t hesitate to comment and provide feedback.

Episode 1: DIBs Training Introduction (Click Here)


Episode 2: DIBs Training “What” & “Why” (Click Here)

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