Join the Flipped Learning Slack Community and be a Part of the Dialogue!


The Flipped Learning Network has a growing, active community on this popular, ‘team’ communication platform. Come Join us!

Slack = “Communication Without Chaos”


Update (January 11, 2023): we have removed the Slack. More info about how to participate in the FLN at

If you’re not familiar with Slack (I wasn’t until Ken Bauer mentioned it … then I started to notice I was regularly hearing other people talk about it, now I see why).

Once you get informed that you’ve been added …

It is recommended that you download the Slack app for your platform(s). You can use Slack right in a web browser, but many find the apps easier to use, and they provide better notifications than when you just pop in and out of a web browser. Next, you may want to watch this short video about Messaging in Slack to help get you more familiar with it.



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