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The Flipped Learning Network has a growing, active community on this popular, ‘team’ communication platform. Come Join us!

Slack = “Communication Without Chaos”


If you’re not familiar with Slack (I wasn’t until Ken Bauer mentioned it … then I started to notice I was regularly hearing other people talk about it, now I see why), here’s a quick intro to this powerful, secure group communication platform:


So, ready to join us on Slack? Just provide your name and an email address and hit send! 

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Once you get informed that you’ve been added …

It is recommended that you download the Slack app for your platform(s). You can use Slack right in a web browser, but many find the apps easier to use, and they provide better notifications than when you just pop in and out of a web browser. Next, you may want to watch this short video about Messaging in Slack to help get you more familiar with it.

Slack provides additional videos on using the functionality it offers here in this YouTube Playlist.

So come join the conversation!



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