F-L-I-P Tools: A Flexible Framework

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Among the foundational tenants of flipped learning is that help and resources need to be accessible 24-7. Video has been a key teaching medium for the flipped classroom since the beginning, so it only makes sense that some “how-to” videos, vlogs, blogs, etc. would be a good ongoing series.  To that end, let’s kick things off with a quick piece about “Flexible Frameworks”.  If you can’t wait to see more how-to videos you can check out a couple of our previous series that go through how Google slides and DIBs can be used to build a framework for your classroom. 

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Flexible Frameworks

Building a flipped classroom is a daunting task that requires a great deal of time if you intend to flip a whole chapter, unit, or course.  Once you get beyond flipping a single lesson you will need a way to organize all of the resources and learning tools.  While there are many different frameworks that can be effective, choosing a framework that is both flexible and fits your personal teaching style and students will go a long way to making your hard work pay off over and over again. 

Take a look at the following quick vlog about a benefit of finding a flexible framework. (If you don’t see the YouTube insert click here)


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