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--Originally published at Mrs. Gibbs Flips Algebra 1

Algebra 1 has a lot of standards.

And for 8th-grade Algebra 1, I have to teach about half of the 8th-grade standards in addition to all the Algebra 1 standards (advanced 7th-grade math gets the other half).

It's 61 standards in all.

Oh, and make sure you cover them in-depth, so that students have a conceptual understanding of them all and can demonstrate mastery.

This is not a problem unique to me. All teachers have a lot of material to cover and have to ensure their students know those standards.

But the last couple of years, I have struggled to cover all my standards. I've been going more in-depth with lots of standards (a good thing) and ending the year with more than a handful of standards uncovered (a bad thing).

So for the past week or so I've been working on my Algebra 1 pacing guide.

I started with broad topics and then sorted my standards into the topic(s) they belonged.

Yes, I wrote out all my standards, some of them multiple times.

I then started deciding which standards would take less time and the ones I for which I would need more days.

I found a great website - When Math Happens - with a workable pacing guide AND complete lessons for Algebra 1! I also found Better Lesson, where I can find lessons for specific standards, even the ones I read and think, "So how do I teach THAT?!?" I'm reading information about how to spiral math from Kyle Pearce and John Orr.

And a plan is coming together. It's still largely in my head, but I'm confident it will (mostly) materialize.

Will I be able to cover all of it? We shall see, but I'm optimistic.

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