Introducing BookWidgets!!! An Interaction and Evaluation Tool

Introducing an exciting new tool that may be a great addition to your flipped classroom.

By: Kate Baker, FLN Board Member, Edtech Specialist, BookWidgets
BookWidgets, an interactive content creation and evaluation tool for teachers, surprised teachers with a new widget: a Video Quiz with endless possibilities! Automatic grading and interactive learning are just a few perks of the new Video Quiz widget.Teachers can choose from over 40 different exercise templates, including a Video Quiz template – to create digital activities and auto-graded assignments. 
Question Types
The new Video Quiz activity has 35+ different question types that support all teachers and course types. Teachers customize the Video Quiz with their content, share their exercises, and review student work. While many question types in the activity get automatically graded, teachers can still change the grades and give personalized feedback from the BookWidgets reporting dashboard.
Digital classrooms today provide student-centered teaching through progress monitoring, multimedia content, and the ability to adjust digital resources instantly. With BookWidgets,  the teacher can monitor students via the reporting dashboard that showcases the students’ results and progress. This makes it possible to quickly follow up with students, giving them personalized exercises tailored to their needs. In just a few minutes, teachers can customize the settings to individualized students, for example; access to a calculator, spell checking, scratchpad, audio instructions, text-to-speech, get immediate feedback, and more. Of course, this can all be done within the new Video Quiz, as well.

Teachers can even monitor their students’ progress in real-time while they are working on a Video Quiz within their LMS, at home, or in class. Immediately discover not only struggling students but also those who are excelling, and give them a helping hand.

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