Breakout EDU: 10 Things to Know


Breakout EDU is “a platform for immersive learning games”


  1. Breakout EDU is highly engaging for all ages

In Breakout EDU, participants work together to find and solve clues around the room to open each of the locks.  As soon as students see the locked box, they are immediately driven by the challenge to get it open.   

  1. Breakout EDU develops 21st Century Skills

21st Century skills are in high demand by employers and are more valuable than any knowledge.  Breakout EDU is an excellent tool for participants to practice 21st century skills including collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem solving. 

  1. Order a kit or make your own

Breakout EDU makes and sells kits complete with the box, all the locks and other cool diversions.  Alternatively, you can make your own and hunt down the various locks.  You need a hasp, key lock, 4 digit code lock, a word lock and a direction lock.  You will also need a three digit combo small lock box and a UV light. 

  1. Find games or make your own

On the Breakout EDU website there are a load of games that are ready to go.  It does takes a while to set up a game.  Two teachers, two hours for our first game set up.  You can also make your own games very easily.  That way, you can tailor the game to the unit content, the age of the students and the size of the class.

Even better than the teacher designing the games is having the students design a game for another class or grade level.  


  1. Breakout EDU is for all age groups

Breakout EDU games are available for all age groups from early childhood to adult.  

  1. Breakout EDU can be used for all subject areas

Possibly the best way to ensure the game covers your unit well is to design your own game.  The game could introduce new content or it could be used to revise content. 

  1. Make the clues as hard or as easy as you want

The difficulty of the clues will depend on the age group and also the amount of time you have available to run the game.  Don’t be afraid to make it super hard if you have the time.  

  1. The hasp can be defeated!

Perhaps I should celebrate the ingenuity of my student, or perhaps I should be concerned for his future.  But in one lesson, a year 9 student forced the hasp open and opened the box before the class had solved one clue.  So keep an eye out for this type of behaviour. 


  1. Breakout EDU is generally best for small groups

Most games are recommended to be for groups less than 12 people.  This can present a problem for classrooms that generally have at least double that number of students in each class.  You could split the class in half and each designs a game for the other half of the class to do.  

  1. Breakout EDU develops character traits and a growth mindset

Breakout EDU Perseverance, grit and resilience are important character traits to develop.  They won’t develop these traits if it is too easy. 

For more information about Breakout EDU, check out this link



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