#FlipTech2020: Info for Twitter Participants and Moderators

Never participated in a twitter chat? 

Never moderated a twitter chat?

What is a twitter chat?

This 25 minute converstation between Andrew Swan (@flipping_A_tchr ) and Matthew Moore (@matthew_t_moore) walks viewers through both sides of the twitter chat process in advance of #FlipTech2020.  

Let’s Chat

Among the most effective forums for building community among practitioners and adherents to the flipped classroom and flipped learning has been a twitter chat on Monday nights known as #flipclasschat, formerly #flipclass.  This is just a little corner of social media where like minded educators can share, learn, and grow together.  There are many chats that happen at various times throughout the week and many can be found here.  


This is a fully online event July 12th-16th in which presenters from all over will release a digital presentation to be viewed by participants, and then during the 12th-16th there will be scheduled “chat” times for twitter chats, video conferences, or even other platforms to discuss with the presenter.  The goal of this FREE event is to simply encourage dialogue around “Teaching that works in 2020”.   This is a community event that will be relying on various platforms like twitter and we wanted to take the opportunity to provide expectations for both participants and moderators. 


Want to help?

We currently are planning about 20 presentations and so we therefore have about 20 opportunities for volunteer moderators to facilitate discussions with the presenter. If you want a good picture of the expectations, view this training video.  However, in short the expectations are:

  1. Commit to facilitating a scheduled conversation around a previously released #FlipTech2020 presentation.
  2. Commit to collaborating with the presenter to develop 4-5 discussion guiding questions around the topic and presentation.
  3. Commit to establishing a onetime twitter chat that is civil, respectful, welcoming, and engaging (see video
  4. Commit to communicating with #FlipTech2020 planners prior to and following the event to ensure we are providing a positive community experience. 

If you are interested we would love to have you fill out this form to provide us a way to organize this event and get in touch with you.  https://bit.ly/fliptech2020moderator 



While we are at it, please plan to join us July 12th-16th as the Flipped Learning Network offers a free online virtual conference that builds on the ideas in this series and so many more.



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