#flipclass Flash Blog: Teaching Study Skills

--Originally published at Mrs. Gibbs Flips Algebra 1

I hope I teach more than math. I hope I teach skills that allow my students to be better students.

There are lots of skills students need to be successful in school. Note-taking, time management, how to study for a test. In my class, how to watch a video is an important skill.

Why are these skills important? These skills allow students to feel in control. They give students confidence. They are skills they will adapt and use once they leave the classroom and begin "adulting."

How do I teach these skills? Mostly as opportunities present themselves. Those opportunities might come up through events happening in my classroom or conversations students are having with me or each other. When I notice specific skills needing improvement, I might take a few minutes out of class time to address them. Some skills need addressing multiple times.

Why is it important? Why take time out of class to address "soft skills" when there are standards to teach?

For one thing, some of the things I remember most about school are skills certain teachers taught me that stayed with me through my time in school and contributed to my success.

And for another, I teach more than math. I teach students.

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