The Way I do Things – my Flipped Classroom Workflow

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Tonight in our flipped classroom chat we were asked to discuss our work policy/pedagogy, etc.  Here's how work is turned in, corrected, etc.:

1.  The students in my conceptual physics class can't take the test until they watch the videos for the particular chapter.  This ensures the students they are exposed the content.  The video assessments (here is an example: have multiple choice questions that are often on the tests at the end of the chapter, and I use the video assessments to drive our discussions in class.  Also, we discuss all answers to the work the students do, so if they are paying attention in class they have the answers to the homework.
2.  The "book work" and worksheets the students do in class I provide them with answers so really the concentration is on learning the material and being confident to ask questions about what they do not know.
3.  For my regular physics class I don't allow revisions or retakes because I allow the students to have a notesheet, or what I call a cheat sheet, that they can use on the test to help them with any information they can write.  For my college in the schools class they are allowed to use the AP physics formula sheet to help them with the math questions on the test.  I figure with these aids the students have the support they need.
4.  For my conceptual physics my students have the option to do a "test buy back" where they can answer the questions on the test up to the next letter grade higher than what they had.  So, if they got a D on the test they can find the correct answers, either by consulting their returned work, talking to classmates, or talking to me, to go to the next letter grade. The students like this option and take advantage of it.

I know this is not a perfect system, but it seems to be working for me.  If you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas for my class structure please comment below.

Have a good week!

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