Communicating with Parents in the Flipped Classroom

--Originally published at FlippingPhysicswithMrGraves

In a recent flipclass twitter chat, we were asked to talk about the ways we communicate with parents and families.  I really enjoy this topic because I also work with professional development within my district about school home communications.

I like to start the term by sending home a letter or brochure detailing rules, procedures, and ways to communicate with me. I also have a parent video describing my flipped classroom and what parents can expect ( This helps clear the air and answer many questions about the flipped classroom.

I also encourage students to have their parents do Remind texts, if they want to.  Many parents vary in their communication preference.  Some like email, some like texts, some like calls.  My plan this year is to have parents fill out a google doc to look at communication (I am planning on giving students points for making sure the parent fills out the form).

I also like to send home weekly emails to parents showing them what is coming up the next week. What day homework is due, tests will be taken, etc. I also get great response from parents with this.

I also encourage parents to visit my website for more information, along with also viewing my YouTube videos with their students.  I have gotten great communications with parents from the video.

I really believe communication is the key, especially for me this year when  my key thought will be something from flipped classroom guru Jon Bergmann:  Focus more on who you are teaching rather than what we are teaching.

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