Five Steps to Design Awesome Slides!

--Originally published at flipping – Martha Ramirez

In a recent presentation I made, some of my students commented on the design of my slides and how I created them. I promised I’d make a quick blog post about this. So here it goes!

Making visually attractive slides is as important as the message! Yes, designing beautiful slides takes time, but anything made with quality and love takes time! I cannot tell you how many times I have disengaged from a presentation as soon as the slides are shown. I am sure I am not alone here.

It seems some people just throw some text on the first template they thought looked nice, not really putting more thought into the style or what the images, colors, fonts and text are conveying as well.

Because I teach speaking for academic and professional purposes, I emphasize the importance of the message as much as the visuals. Here’s an infographic I made with important steps I believe anyone should follow when designing slides. I also share links with some helpful resources to make presentations stunning (if the links are not clickable, you should still be able to right-click and copy them)!

Please share if you think this post will contribute to more beautiful visuals in our lives! We definitely need more of them, especially nowadays, when we are stuck in front of the screen and our eyes are inevitably on the slides more than the person!

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