3 Minute Teaching with Tech Tip Video – Create Powerful Lessons in Minutes with Blendspace

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Blendspace Makes it Incredibly Easy to Combine Web Pages, Files, Pictures, Videos, and Text into Lesson Materials, and it’s Totally Free!

Would you like to be able to create online lesson content that includes web pages and resources, videos, pictures, your own digital content and more, grouped together in one online resource for easy access, with a just few clicks? How about a series of tips on teaching with technology tools, delivered through 3 minute video clips? Even better yet, how about both of these, at the same time?! Well, here you go … A few weeks ago we posted our first “3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tip” Video, (Narrating over PowerPoint 2010) and today we add another video to this new series. This new video shows you how quick and easy it is to create and share digital lesson materials on Blendspace, an awesome free application that’s really easy to use. Here’s the embedded Blendspace. Since this is a narrow space that it’s displaying in, the view is not optimal but it works. Note that the user can click on the “Open in Blendspace” link in the upper right hand corner to  get the full view from within  Blendspace. Another advantage of embedding the Blendspace lesson in a web page is that you can embed it in a page where you might a Discussion Forum or other types of content that you want students to engage with. Go give Blendspace a shot – it really is easy to use, and the results are impressive! Have fun!    

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