FlipTech 2020 Revisited – Flipped Learning, Retrieval Practice, Transfer Learning

Looking back at FlipTech 2020, applying it to the rest of 2020 and beyond.

The Flipped Learning Network hosted an fully online conference where presenters from around the world and submitted short presentations to be viewed prior to the live discussion portion of the event.  The basic idea was to find a way to share “What works in 2020” with as many people as possible within the pandemic environment.   This series takes a look back at the presentations and some of the conversations from #FlipTech2020.


Flip Learning, Retrieval Practice, Transfer Learning

Guillaume Jaubert Email address: gjaubert@vinu.edu

Flip learning is a meta-strategy to allow us to help each student to achieve their highest potential. I have focused on transfer learning and retrieval practice because it fulfills the previous statement. Presented and nurtured at young age it is a fundamental aspect that will increase significantly their success but even in higher education it is never too late to present and nurture along the semester the retrieval practice allowed by flip learning helping us to be efficient with time.


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Does this sound like something that you might be interested in developing a presentation for?  Here (potentially) is your chance. The FLN is considering a spring 2021 version of FlipTech and a little further into this series we may be opening an opportunity for you to participate.  For now read, view, and enjoy the articles in this series with an eye to how you might participate later this spring or summer.


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