Transitioning to the Digital Classroom Part 1: Defining the Spectrum

Where do you fall on the digital spectrum?

The variety and creativity of teachers makes it very tough to encapsulate what a digital classroom looks like. To be honest, I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a digital classroom, but simply a spot at a given moment where any classroom falls on the digital spectrum.  The advantage of looking at a classroom as a singular point or measurement on a continuum is that as needs change so to can the level of technology and digital resource to meet the needs of both students and teachers.  In the first two videos in a new series by The Flipped Learning Network we look at the definition of the digital classroom and the many forms that classroom can take.  We are going to spend the first few episodes looking as some general models and then move on to specific and tools that con be used by any teacher to adjust the digital level of their classroom.  

Join us as we look to this new series in an unprecedented time in education.  

Digital Classroom Introduction

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Defining 5 Types

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  • Hola! soy nueva y estoy por iniciar en aplicar aprendizaje invertido, me gustaría y sugiero que los videos tengan subtítulos en varios idiomas, como al español, para que todos podamos ser incluidos, Gracias.

  • Thanks for your comment Rocco (translated to English here: “Hello! I am new and I am about to start applying flipped learning, I would like and suggest that the videos have subtitles in several languages, such as Spanish, so that we can all be included, Thank you.”). We would love to be able to do that, especially as flipped learning is popular in many spanish speaking countries (we even had a FlipTech conference in Latin America in 2019). Unfortunately, we are an all volunteer non-profit and do not have resources to provide the labor to do this. We are in discussions about how expand the spanish language footprint on the site and hope to be able to do so soon!

    • Hola a todos.
      Igualmente me gustaría que los videos tengan subtítulos al español.
      Excelente página.
      Buenas noches.

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