8 Great Ways to Get Your Flipped Learning Professional Development on over the Break

Enjoy the break and relax. Get some sleep, spend time with family and friends, have a nice meal, tip a glass. Then, when you’re chilled out and ready, spend some time with these resources and get inspired and motivated to make 2018 your best year teaching yet!  

1. Listen to the “Ask the FLN” Podcast


We recorded 8 episodes this year (and there will be plenty more next year). Explore flipped learning with Ken Bauer, Kate Baker, Crystal Kirch, Robert Talbert, and numerous other flipped educators who share their experience, wisdom, and passion!

2. Spend some time with the FLIPPED LEARNING TODAY seasonal digital newsletter


Our digital newsletter will be published three times a year on a seasonal basis – Spring, Fall, and Winter (taking education’s slow season, summer, off). Come and check out the great content in this year’s Spring and Fall editions!

3. Enjoy the Flipped Educator Spotlight video interview series


We conducted video interviews with flipped learning pioneers and some folks who are newer to the technique. Come join Kelly Walsh, Kate Baker, and Crystal Kirch as they interview educators from K-12 and higher education. Inspiring educators from a wide range of subjects discuss opportunities, obstacles, tips, and techniques based on their own flipped learning journeys. Relax and enjoy! 

4. Get Certified!

Use this link to sign up for the certification from FLglobal and the Flipped Learning Network will earn a small commission (and you get a great big thank you! from us – we are non-profit flipped and your donations help to keep the lights on and the new resources coming!)

5. Explore a F-L-I-P Pillar  

The posts here on the site are all tagged with one or more categories, such as Academic Subject, Grade Level, “How To’s”, and others, including the 4 “F-L-I-P Pillars”. For those who might not be familiar with the pillars, we suggest checking out the official definition of Flipped Learning, published by us back in 2014: https://flippedlearning.org/definition-of-flipped-learning/.

Here’s a handy list of post by each of the 4 Pillar categories:

6. Take a look back at the “flipblogs” slow chat – questions explored in posts and a bi-weekly chat


From July through October of this year, Andrew Swan (@flipping_A_Tchr) worked with the Flipped Learning Network on a unique project, where a topic was posted on a bi-weekly basis and educators were encouraged to write a blog post about that topic. Then every other Wednesday evening we would get together and have a Twitter chat about the topic, and the posts! It was a lot of fun and led to the creation of a rich set of posts, and a chat that was “Storified”. All of these resources are available on the page link above. Check ’em out! (sadly, Storify plan to close its doors this coming May, so those resources may not be available after that). 

7. Explore a new tool with my “3 Minute TOOL-torials”

You don’t have to set aside an hour to learn about a new tool that might be a big help with lessons and content delivery. I’ve created a growing set of quick overviews of some great tools, most of which are free! 

Keep an eye out here for more 3 Minute TOOL-torials (I hope to do a few more over the holiday break as part of my own PD!), or just click over to the EmergingEdTech Youtube channel and subscribe.

8. Write a post of your own!

Reflecting on your own teaching journey can be an excellent form of professional development. It can also be rewarding to share with others! Learn more here:

So there you have it – eight awesome ways to have fun learning things over the holiday break! Enjoy!

In the meanwhile, if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our blog posts, and follow us on your favorite social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram). 


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