Let it All Out and Share – it’s the “Weekend at #Flipblogs” Challenge!

Teaching is Hard. Reflecting on the Week’s Challenges and Little Victories, and Looking to What Lies Ahead, can put it all in Perspective.

Many of you may have heard of, read, or even written blog posts during the September 20-in-30 #flipblogs challenge, but now we’ve got a mellower approach that should be much more manageable. Just write a reflective post on the weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, +/or even Monday)!

Be sure to share you post with the “#flipblogs” hashtag, and you’ll be eligible for digital badges as you achieve milestones. Of course, the ongoing reward is sharing and caring…your fellow educators will read and commiserate, and maybe reach back to share their thoughts, an idea, a resource. 

Come join us for the Weekend at Flipblogs challenge!

NOTE: Your posts don’t have to focus on flipped learning (they certainly can, but they don’t have to) – they just need to relate to your experience as a teacher that week. Thanks!

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