Building a Flipped Class – Episode 02 The Framework

Using a garden shed to frame up a curriculum 

The Vlog Series

This is a series of vlogs that chronicle my attempt to build not just a new flipped class but an entire new course.  Join me as we look at developing an informal geometry class from scratch.  Although this is a math class, we talk about general flipped principles and methods that can be applied in a variety of situations. We will look at education theory and methods, technical tools, organizational patterns, lots of mistakes, serendipitous successes, more mistakes, and the many choices that can confront a teacher attempting to flip a class.

Episode 02: Framework

In this episode we talk about how a building is more than a figurative framework for structuring a class. To start this informal (non-proof based) geometry class the students will be given the problem of how best provide storage for a list of items.  From this guiding problem we will explore a few alternatives and measure them based on coast, practicality, and legality (yup that is a real thing when it comes to structures).  From this jumping off point we will look at the specific steps of how to build a frame structure from the ground up and use the process to guide us in searching for answers to the problems of building a structure that is straight, square, and true.  Join us as we start to dig into building a framework for a course curriculum.


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