FlipTech2021: Call For Proposals & Moderators

The flipped community helping the community of teachers.

Do you have something that has worked for you and your students through this massive shift in education? 

We want to give you the opportunity to share. The Flipped Learning Network and #flipclasschat are putting together a FREE three day virtual conference to help educators adjust to all the changes we have seen an education over the last year. This virtual conference will take place from July 13th – 15th with a morning session from 9AM to Noon and an afternoon session from 4PM to 8PM (CST or Chicago time).  There will be a mix of plenary/main sessions, topic specific breakouts, and panel sessions. 

This is where you come in!

So many of you that visit this site or participate in online professional learning communities have so much to offer during this time of transition. We want to give you the opportunity to share your successes with the broader learning community. We are asking for a 15 to 45 minute presentation that could be a slideshow screen cast, video, podcast, or anything else that can communicate digitally to educators about how we can be “Looking Forward” in 2021.  The second, and most important, part of this process is every presentation will be followed up by a LIVE video chat during the conference days allowing participants to ask questions to dig deeper and get input directly from you the presenters.  If you would like to participate or help in some way please take a look at the Google form at the link or below Presenter Proposal Submission.

There is another way to help if you are interested. 

We need help monitoring, moderating, or participating in these various chats allowing the presenters to focus on answering questions and responding to the discussion while you help gather input and questions from those present. I know that over the course of the last year almost all of us have run more Zoom/Meets than we care to admit, but I think we can all agree it is much much easier if as a teacher/presenter there is someone else launching the meeting, admitting participants, monitoring the chat, and sharing questions.  If you would be willing to fill this role for someone (even if you are a presenter in another time slot that is okay) please fill out this Google Form to sign up and help with moderator duties.  Moderator Sign-up

The goal of this conference is to be a community of teachers helping the community by providing guidance, help answering questions, and anything else we can do for teachers during this tectonic shift in education.








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