Sampling a #FlippedLearning SlackChat

A few weeks ago, the FLN and highly active community member Dave Walsh kicked off a bi-weekly chat here in Slack. We’re doing this alternate Tuesdays at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific Time, and our next one is Tuesday the 25th. We hope you will join us! Click here to submit your info and join our Slack group, and here to learn more about this SlackChat.

I thought it would be informative and fun to share part of the July 11 SlackChat so people could see how this goes. It’s a lot like a Twitter Chat, but it’s not public, so it tends to be a bit more focused and less “noisy”. 

After a “tell us about yourself, what you teach, where you teach” question, and introductions by people joining the dialogue, this question we posed:

Below are many of the responses to this question that came in as the chat preceded. Note that these are all inserted here using images (it was much quicker to grab little screen snips that re-type all of it, and it results in a more organic feel, reflecting the experience in Slack).


Soon we moved on to Questions 3 through 5, which I have provided below. The chat was an hour long and we covered a lot of ground. We wrapped up a final Question (No. 6 below), which became an ongoing “slow chat” topic for the last two weeks, as time passes between Slackchats.


We hope you will come join us for a future SlackChat

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