Flipped Educator Spotlight Interview: Kathryn Nieves

This Flipped Educator Spotlight interview features Kathryn Nieves, a middle school special education teacher. From year to year, Kathryn will work with any subject across grades 6 through 8, but she is currently working with 6th and 7th graders, focused mostly on the language arts.

Kelly and Kathryn explore using the flipped classroom approach in her work with students with special needs. 

Use these handy time tags to jump to any section of the video that particularly interests you:

0:56 – Tell us about your background as a teacher
1:30 – You work in a resource room helping students with special needs – tell us how you got into flipped learning?
2:24 – Walk us through an example of how you create a flipped lesson for your students
3:57 – What tools do you use to create your videos?
4:31 – How has this transition changing what you are doing in the class?
5:48 – How do you introduce flipped learning to the students?
6:49 – Are you doing anything in particular to make parents aware of what you are doing in class (flipped back-to-school night!)
8:11 – What has your conversation been with administrators and other teachers at your school?
9:06 – Any particular challenges or obstacles you’ve had to overcome (access to technology)?
10:33 – What’s next as you continue to evolve your practice (flipping a whole novel)?
11:32 – How has the feedback been from students?
12:28 – Any particular examples come to mind for how this worked really well?
13:23 – Are you sharing any of your work online (edtechstickynotes.weebly.com)?
14:39 – A few other tips and thoughts
15:57 – Are you finding the process to be overly burdensome?

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  • Kathryn, you sound like a terrific teacher! I’m amazed and humbled by your efforts to differentiate video lessons for your students. I’ve thought about that idea, but never implemented it (has anybody else?!) I really hope we see more of you — on the blog, in the Twitterverse, hanging in the Slack chats… whatever!

    • Hi Andrew,
      Thank you for such a nice compliment! That really means a lot to me and I appreciate you taking the time to write it. I’ll definitely be around more– love to continue passing on new things as I learn them and I’m always excited to learn from everyone’s experiences.

      I’d definitely love to know if other people are using similar strategies. It’s always nice to meet people in the same situation to learn new ideas to try out.

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