Study: Does the Flipped Classroom Lead to Improved Learning Outcomes in ESL/EFL Contexts?


So you like the flipped classroom? You see your students engaging with your videos and discussions outside of regular contact time. But have you thought about whether or not your students are actually improving their learning outcomes?

A study within two college and university level academic writing courses for multi-lingual speakers was conducted to investigate the effects of the flipped classroom with regards to control and experimental groups on grammar instruction. Findings suggest that the experimental courses did in fact out perform the control courses on a pre and post grammar test and it was statistically significant (P>.01). The study also found that students in the control group were more confident regarding their grammar skills overtime compared to the experimental group.

Researchers call for more studies to be conducted on flipped classrooms and student learning outcomes though recommend the flipped classroom as a viable means for ESL classroom curriculum and instruction. This study may be used as a starting point for future research models investigating effects of flipped instruction.


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