Flipped Educator Spotlight Interview: Chemistry Teacher Dave Walsh

Dave Walsh teaches high school chemistry in Collingswood, NJ and he also teaches the subject an adjunct at Rowan College at Burlington County. 

Dave joins Flipped Learning Network Community Administrator Kelly Walsh as they explore his experiences and evolution as a flipped educator.

Here are some of the questions and topics discussed:

  • Any advice for those who are just getting started? How can teachers save themselves some time and struggle?
  • The importance of keeping administration in the loop when you are flipping your classroom
  • Discussion of instructional ‘flow’ in your flipped classroom and Crystal Kirch’s WSQ technique (uncovering misunderstandings)
  • Making videos (Screencast-o-matic Pro, Fujistu tablet)
  • Having fun with making the videos engaging
  • How long did it take flip all of your courses?
  • How had class time changed and evolved in your flipped classroom (one-on-one interaction and personalized assessment and feedback)?
  • In the flipped mastery model, what do you with the students who are ahead of the curve? Providing opportunities for the occasional student who completes the material well in advance?

TIME SAVING TIP!  If you open the video directly in YouTube and scroll down and click on “Show More”, you will see a list of questions with “time tags” at the start of each question. You can just click on those little book mark time links to jump to that section of the video!

You can follow Dave Walsh on Twitter @collsphysistry and access his work online at FlippingEd.Net. Dave has also syndicated some of his posts here on the Flipped Learning Network (thanks, Dave!).


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