#FlipBlogs Magic Number “3” Challenge

Tackling the 3-3-300 Twitter Challenge

Andrew Swan @flipping_A_tchr  (#1) Just sent out a challenge to the #flipclass twitterverse calling for short blogs to as he states “share, connect, commiserate, or whatever!”.  I of course am snipping the opportunity to get my first blog in the can by announcing this challenge here on the great source for the flipped learning community that is www.flippedlearning.org.   

The Rules:

  1. Aim for 3 posts per week

  2. Tag/shoutout 3 educators in your post and/or tweet

  3. Thou shalt write no more than 300 words in each blog post. 

This is both a genius and maddening proposition.  I have plenty of opinions and thoughts that I share with my education co-workers like @daily that cause them no end of auditory annoyance, but taking the time to formalize them and write them down is the real challenge.  Another issue I have is while I can drop flipped and blended ALL-star names like Gerry Marchand @gm8585  (#2) all day long, or collaborators like a recent submission to a project by Alex Nixon @science_sauce (#3 What NOW SWAN!), but honestly I teach math and social skills are not my bag.  However, the biggest challenge is the 300 word limit as I tend to be a bit verbose.

The Importance

I do think that challenges like this are a great friendly motivator to get each of us to step away from our grindstone that can be our educational practice as the school year deepens.  We all need a reminder to stop, look up, and reflect on our practice and attitudes.  This can be especially true as we begin to approach the end of the school year where all of the grand plans and hopes for the year have both been achieved and modified an infinite number of times to address the needs of our students.  Blogging becomes a great way to… (word limit reached)


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