Building A Flipped Class – Episode 01 Tackling A Big Build

Using an actual building as a framework for flipped learning.

The Vlog Series

This is the first entry in a series of vlogs that chronicle my attempt to build not just a new flipped class but an entire new course.  Join me as we look at developing an informal geometry class from scratch.  Although this is a math class, we talk about general flipped principles and methods that can be applied in a variety of situations. We will look at education theory and methods, technical tools, organizational patterns, lots of mistakes, serendipitous successes, more mistakes, and the many choices that can confront a teacher attempting to flip a class.

Episode 01: Introduction

This vlog is just an introduction to the type of class being created, the intended student audience, and the broadest description of my goal.  In short, I am using the construction of a shed in my backyard as an organizing framework to a problem based learning and application focused approach to informal geometry. Beyond stretching me as an educator, my goal for this project is to present geometry to students who have not traditionally been successful in math in a way that the application and usefulness of the content is crystal clear. Join me as we launch this project.  Click the link(s) or the video(s) below to view.


Student Video 1: Introduction

Although this won’t be the first video students see at the beginning of the year, this will be the launch video for this phase of the class.  The goal will be to start with an ill-defined problem and work with the students to explore a few broad solutions before moving into any sort of build phase.  Click the link(s) or the video(s) below to see a few examples of what the students will see.

Student Video 2: Using Scale Drawing

All large projects require pre-skills and this one is no different.  In this case we need a refresher and application of ratio, proportion, and scale. Click the link(s) or the video(s) below to see a few examples of what the students will see.

Student Video 3: Building in Scale Parts 1 & 2 

This two part video goes through specific demonstration of creating the scale model and talks about multiple methods, one used by carpenters and the other by math teachers, to accomplish the same task. The video itself demonstrates multiple camera methods and a little light video editing.

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