The Beat Goes On #Flipblogs

--Originally published at Mrs. Gibbs Flips Algebra 1

There's a new #flipblogs challenge!

I'm still on leave and thus not experiencing a lot of blogging inspiration, but the school part of my brain has been kicking into gear, so I have a few things I can blog about.

I'm asked pretty regularly, "Do you miss being at school?" and the honest answer is, "Not really." I do miss my students and friends, and I'm looking forward to returning to the classroom in the fall (Lord willing), but it has been a blessing to be able to focus on what is the priority.

There was a fleeting thought early in my leave of, "What if I don't want to go back?"

While I knew the answer, it was confirmed last Friday.

I went to school to accompany my Algebra Team to the county math tournament.

The first student I saw was my student who is blind. I was having a conversation with a teacher friend, and the student came to stand near us. I told her, "Hi," and she said, "Mrs. Gibbs??? Mrs. Gibbs!!!" She literally shook she was so excited, and she brought tears to my eyes.

As I spent the day with my team and then saw more students after school - who came to give me hugs and seemed genuinely happy to see me - I realized my teacher-heart still beats strongly.

I'm thankful for the opportunity and ability to take some time off when I needed it, but this teacher still loves doing what she does and is excited to be able to continue doing it.

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