Flipped Learning SlackChat Every Other Tuesday at 9 PM EST

Update (January 11, 2023): We have shut down the Slack, more information on how to participate in the FLN at https://flippedlearning.org/fln-updates/contribute-to-flipped-learning-network-site/

I am proud to announce that SlackChat will be a regular feature every other Tuesday in the Slack channel hosted by the Flipped Learning Network.

A SlackChat is very similar to a twitter chat.  The three major differences are that we aren’t limited to 140 characters to express an idea, the forum allows for threading of responses, and the forum is only open to those who register to be a part of the Slack channel.  These three features make the potential for Slack as a platform for discussions huge.  

While I am still working out the bugs to maximize Slack for this kind of directed conversation, the past two chats have been robust.  The first chat we spent time talking about what to do during the summer in order to make our classes better.  The second chat was even more exciting as we discussed K12 ed, higher ed, and some of the differences and similarities of the two.  We were joined by Robert Talbert, author of Flipped Learning: A Guide for Higher Education Faculty, and had a lively discussion about higher ed flipping.  

Send in Your Questions

The next SlackChat will be Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 9:00 EDT.  The discussion is going to shift from questions generated by me, the moderator, to questions about flipping from you, the audience and participants.  I want anyone who is interested in having their questions answered by a robust community of flipped educators to submit them to me.  You can do this several ways:  

Email: dwalsh@collsk12.org

Twitter: @collsphysistry

Slack: dwalsh

I will get your questions ready to post and when the SlackChat begins, we will all start answering and discussing your question.  If we don’t get to your questions this time, I am going to save them for the next time we have this type of SlackChat.


Thanks for all the support within the flipped community!


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