21 Powerful Tweets from FlipCon16

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Last week I was able to attend FlipCon16, the Flipped Learning Network's (FLN) annual conference.  To be clear, FLN is THE definitive source for flipping across the world.

Every year, for the past nine years, FLN has hosted their premiere worldwide event, FlipCon.  This year’s conference was bittersweet; bitter because it’s the final worldwide event for FLN (but realize that FLN is still going to host their regional gatherings); sweet because I was able to attend and connect with so many like minded educators.

If you have never been in the same place with 150 or so teachers that use the same methods as you, have the same philosophies as you, and the same ideas as you, you are missing out.  What this did was focus the discussions that I had with my fellow flipped teachers on specific methods, ideas, tools, and philosophies that was catered me to improve my instruction and my students learning.  And that is AWESOME!  And through it all, the all the attendees were tweeting.  At one point I saw that #flipcon16 was 8 on Twitter’s trending list!

So, with out further ado, here are the best tweets from FlipCon16, designed not just for those that flip, but for those who seek to be challenged educationally.  Maybe they can even be conversation starters for you in your school!


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