Flipped Educator Spotlight Video Interview – Zach Cresswell

In this Flipped Educator Spotlight interview, Crystal Kirch interviews teacher Zach Criswell.

Zach teaches high school mathematics in Michigan. He currently teaches AP Calculus, Pre-calculus, and Algebra II.

He believes that technology can be a tool to help differentiate instruction, create higher level thinking opportunities, give students choice, increase collaboration, and foster creativity.

Come explore flipped learning with Crystal and Zach!

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01:07 – Tell us about yourself … what do you teach, what inspired you to be a teacher?
01:56 – Tell us how you got started with flipped learning
04:33 – How was it to have someone to work with as you dove into flipped learning?
06:17 – In addition to reaching students by working in small groups, what were some of the other successes you’ve had as a result of moving to the flipped approach?
09:19 – The culture of the classroom
10:56 – How have you incorporate inquiry in your classroom?
14:14 – What do you make sure a video includes or doesn’t include to make it flexible to be reused?
16:44 – What else might you recommend to those just starting out with flipped learning?
19:06 – Plug for the FLN site as a resource for connecting with other!
19:52 – So what’s next for you, where do you see this going?
22:15 – Where can we find you online?

Zach blogs about his teaching experiences at http://www.zachcresswell.org/ and can be found on Twitter at @z_cress

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