Crystal Kirch – 5 Questions Every Flipped Teacher Must Answer

Looking back at FlipTech 2021

The Flipped Learning Network hosted a fully-online conference in which presenters from around the world submitted short presentations to be viewed prior to the live discussion portion of the event.  The basic idea was to find a way to share “Looking Forward” we address the many student needs resulting from the pandemic’s impact on education.   This series takes a look back at the presentations and some of the conversations from #FlipTech2021.  To get the most out of this conference session watch both the “Pre-Work” and the “Conference Recording.”


Session D2: 5 Questions Every Flipped Teacher Must Answer

Presenter: Crystal Kirch

Moderator: Mickie Gibbs

Description: Spend some time with author and blogger Crystal Kirch.  Crystal brings hard won classroom experience and experience as a coach and trainer to her presentation that can help anyone get started flipping as quickly, effectively, and efficiently as possible.  Participants will understand five key questions that must be considered when developing an effective and successful flipped classroom. Ideas, resources, samples, and suggestions will be provided for each of the five questions. Listen in on this discussion, use the resources that she has provided below, and get your flip started right. 

Link to Recording

Link to Resource Doc:


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