Video Reboot, Part 1 #flipblogs

--Originally published at Mrs. Gibbs Flips Algebra 1

I have needed and wanted to refresh some of my videos for the past 2 years. I have made new videos every year, but some of the videos I use are now 4 years old. Life has conspired against my best intentions, however, and there has been no opportunity to remake the videos that need remaking.

Since I'm currently on leave, I have more time, and the planning bug that bit a few weeks ago led to looking at video creation.

I have used Explain Everything for 4 years. My typical make-a-video routine is:

  • Create blank notes in Smart.
  • Export the notes as a PDF.
  • Upload the notes into Explain Everything.
  • Record the video as a screen-cast. I write on the blank notes as I explain what I am doing.
At the beginning of the year, I upgraded to Snagit 2019, and I decided I would like to try to use Snagit for video creation.
I looked at some videos explaining how to record Google Slides presentations using Snagit.
So I have spent the past week or so creating Google Slides. I am using Equatio to create the math. I am doing many things one line at a time so I can click in a line and explain it as I go.
It is taking a LONG time to create a video template.
I like the more professional look of the slides, and I like being able to use a few effects to make things look a little more "done."
I like that I'll be able to use the cursor as a pointer as I talk about things on the slide.
I'm afraid I'm going to miss writing on the notes.
The next step is to actually do some recording and see what it all looks like. Stay tuned!

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