Stacey Roshan’s AP Calculus and Honors Algebra Videos (and More)


Stacey Roshan is a High School Math teacher who is a “lover of technology; addicted to learning; passionate about making learning feel like play”, according to her web site

Stacey blogs and shares teaching and technology resources on her site and she has many followers on Twitter, where she shares content as @buddyxo.

She has also created a bunch of playlists and videos for Honors Algebra, based around the McDougal Littell’s Algebra 2 text book, and AP Calculus videos based on the text book Stewart’s Calculus: Concepts & Contexts.

Here is Stacey’s channel:

Here’s an example of one of Stacey’s videos. This is a popular “final pointers cram video” to help students with their final AP Calculus prep:

Stop by and check out Stacey’s posts, resources, and more.

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