The In-Flip: No Homework, No Problem

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Last week I blogged about the ever-present flipped learning question What if they don’t watch the video?

Of course, that post was predicated on the assumption that you actually want your class to do homework.

There has been a growing noise for some time that perhaps homework isn’t the right way to go. School should remain at school and shouldn’t intrude on home life.

Now I’m not going to come down on either side of that argument. As usual, I think the issue is more nuanced than a simple homework/ no homework dichotomy.

I expect homework from some of my classes and none from others. In fact, homework is often negotiated with individual students rather than whole classes.

I still flip ALL my classes though. How?

Introducing the In-Flip. All the benefits of asynchronous instruction without the homework headaches first time flippers fear.

Watch my In-Flip video below to find out more.

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  • What is the independent group working on? Is what they are working on a requirement for everyone to complete? What if the students catch on that they won’t have to do independent practice if they don’t watch the videos when they come to class.

    These questions come from the fact that I flipped my classroom this year, and in a couple of my classes, the students don’t watch their videos at home, and therefore don’t have time to work on the practice in class, but it’s a vicious cycle and they just don’t seem to care. I’m frustrated and looking to make improvements for next year.

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