Spice Up Your Flipped Class Videos with a Lightboard

--Originally published at flipclass – Flipped Learning Simplified

This past year during FlipCon Australia, Joel Speranza introduced me to a new way to make flipped videos. See a sample video I created using my forward board.

What I love about videos made with lightboards is that for most teachers, it seems intuitive. They know how to draw on a board and teach their subject. It is also more personable as you get to see the teacher and you feel more connected to him or her with visual cues.

If you are interested in buying your own, Dr.  Matt Anderson from San Diego State University has formed a company that sells them.  He calls the board a Learning Glass. His prices start at around $4500 and go up to $15000. But don’t let that price point intimidate you, I made my board for a total investment of $400.  Much of my inspiration for how to create my board came from Joel Speranza’s post: How to Build a Lightboard on a Budget.

As far as I can tell, lightboards were “invented” by Dr. Michael Peshkin, a professor at Northwestern. Dr. Peshkin has his complete instructions on how he built his lightboard at his website: LightBoard.info.  At his site he has extensive plans on how he created his board including the invoices of what he purchased.  If you add up the total he spent on his board it is in excess of $5000. Since I did not have that kind of a budget, I set out to create mine on a budget.

So how did I create my lightboard? Watch this short video which demonstrates my $400 board. The key part of the board is a window. I went to a home improvement store which sold used windows and purchased a large, framed window for $50

My parts list

Used Window $50
Bicycle Hooks $10
Eye Bolts $10
LED Light Strip $8
LED Power Supply $10
LED Light Kit $100
Three Fixture Light Kit $180
9x13ft Black Fabricated Backdrop $25
iPhone I already owned this
iPhone Tripod Holder $24
Lavalier Lapel Microphone for iPhone $17
Audio Extension Cable for iPhone $10
iMovie I had this on my computer already.
Neon Expo Markers $7

So if you are interested in a do-it-yourself project. Build your own lightboard or get a handy teacher to build one for your school. If you build one, I would love to hear how it goes and for you to share a picture of your setup.

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