Removing Guesswork in Flipping Your Classroom

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I am pleased to announce the launch of the Flipped Class Certification Program. flipped_final-06

There is a huge need to ensure that teachers flip their classes effectively while at the same time utilizing best practices. This need was illustrated to me recently at the ISTE 2016 conference when I ran into a teacher who told me that she had struggled during her her first year of flipping her class. During our conversation, I asked her to tell me how she had learned about the model. She replied that she had read a couple of blog posts. I probed further and realized that the two blog posts were the extent of her understanding. She then proceeded to spend a year making a lot of mistakes and, in my opinion, did a great disservice to her students. Frankly, I was mad and I am still mad. Though I applaud her for trying something new, I feel it is educational malpractice to dive into something as extensive as flipping the class without getting adequately trained. She could have at least read some books, reached out through online communities, or attended a workshop.

This conversation and many others like it led my team and I at the Flipped Learning Global Initiative (FLGI) to launch a flipped certification program. The program will have four levels and level one is currently launched

The Program

Flipped Class Certified Level I:

For level one certification, teachers will take a fully online course on flipped learning which will introduce teachers to best practices, tips, and tools to effectively implement a flipped classroom. Completion of the course is all that is required for level one certification.  See Below for the outline of level I.


Level 1 Course Outline

  •    Unit 1: Why Should Educators Flip Their Classes?
  •    Unit 2: Planning and Implementing a Lesson
  •    Unit 3: Best Practices in Flipped Learning
  •    Unit 4: Technology Tools of the Flipped Classroom
  •    Unit 5: What to do In Class
  •    Unit 6: Flipping Subjects and Levels
  •    Unit 7: Assessment & Flipped Learning
  •    Unit 8: Best Practices for Technology Selection
  •    Unit 9: Taking Flipped to the Next Level

The Flipped Learning Level – I Certification is designed for three groups of educators:

  • Educators who are new to flipped learning and want to start flipping their classrooms
  • Educators who are experienced with flipped learning and want to validate their knowledge and have their skills certified.
  • Administrators who are considering implementing flipped learning and need to master the basics.

The online Flipped Learning Certification pilot is being beta tested this week by a selected group of International Flipped Learning Ambassadors and will be opened to the public once the necessary updates have been made.

To learn more about becoming Flipped Class Certified go to


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