What Inspires Flip? & Where to Start?

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What inspires flip? & Where to start?

My Vlog entry entry #flipblogs Session #2


Okay, because I am a teacher, I also have a summer job.  I not only flip my classroom, this summer I am flipping a house so after 12 hour days hanging drywall, my mind and body will not endure a typed blog so below you will find one 4 minute video for “what inspired me” and a 6 minute video for “what did I do first”.

Please search twitter for #flipblogs and catch all of the great blogs this week and join us for the live chat coming up!!!

Also for those that want a little longer version of how I came to flipped learning, click here for the episode of Jon Bergmann’s radio show on which I was his guest and we discussed the topic at length.

What inspired you to start flipping? CLICK HERE


What was your 1st step? CLICK HERE



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