Lesson plan – TED TALK #1 How languages shapes the way we think.

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Hi, Have you met TED?


Jokes apart, today I have a lesson plan based on an amazing TED talk (I love it).

Main aim of this lesson: Students will reflect and talk about the way different language speakers think using language.

Level – B2 to C2

Main skill – Listening and Speaking

Time – around 60 minutes

1) Warm up: 

Song activity. This activity I used two different songs depending on my third language of my students.

Song #1 – Primavera Anticipada by Laura Pausini and James Blunt. – English and Spanish

Song #2 – Okay by Pomme and Matthieu Mèndes – English and French

I made a bingo song, just write down the words and ask them to tick while they hear them.

After the song discussion questions = Do you think languages shape the way we think? How did you feel when you listened both languages?

2) Video task

Ted Talk “How language shapes the way we think | Lera Boroditsky”

Captura de Tela 2018-10-01 às 11.03.06

Tell students to watch and after that let them answer the questions:

1.How does she start the lecture?

2. What bizarre idea she says?

3. How many languages are there in the world?

4. What does she say about the aboriginals?

5. What does she say about time?

6. What does she say about color?

7. What does she say about gender?

8. What does she say about describe events?

3) Further discussion: 

*What can you conclude for that?

* How important is to study other languages?

*Do you think that the way you think changes when you are speaking another language? Compare yourself with English and your native language.

That’s a quick lesson that is able to engage students into the field of linguistics and help them to lear something new.

I hope you like it.



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