DIBS for ELA, Social Science, and the Elementary Classroom

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Examples and principles for using DIBs for the English Language Arts (ELA) and Elementary classrooms.

Flipped learning is not just for math and science classes. As I interact with more and more teachers in a variety of areas the more I am convinced that flipped learning and DIBs are key ways to reserve time in the group space for activities and interactions that make the group space indispensable.  In the ELA classroom, the social sciences, and the elementary classroom digitizing, organizing, and making support and introductory materials accessible to students provides the structure and foundations for student exploration and expression.  Below is a short discussion related to the use of DIBS in the ELA and elementary classroom.  In both of these cases the variety of materials and learning tools means that without careful planning and organization the many learning threads in these spaces appear more frayed than woven.  DIBs can help add framework and focus to these vital areas of learning.  For those interested in the social sciences, DIBs can provide focus and framework as well, but that story and example is reserved for our next two installments so stay tuned.

For ELA and Elementary click here.

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