Planning Learning Invested by Dr. Ivan Pazmiño Cruzatt

ivan-cruzattiDr. Iván Pazmiño Cruzatti, a professor in a university in Quito, Ecuador, reached out and asked if he could share his article with the Flipped Learning Community. Naturally, we welcomed his contribution! 

Dr. Cruzatti writes, “I have been working with flipped classroom methodology since two years ago and I have developed the “Inverted Learning Circle” (ILC) and one matrix for planning the Flipped Classroom.” He discusses these in his article (written in Spanish).

Larry Ferlazzo, widely recognized teacher, author and expert on self-driven learning, wrote in December of 2014 that “student engagement is ‘the act of being invested in learning’”. In his article, “PLANNING LEARNING INVESTED”, Dr. Cruzatti examines approaches to getting students truly invested in their learning. Various phases of invested learning are explored, including autonomous learning, collaborative learning, and socialization, along with occasional reference to the relationship between flipped learning and these constructs.

We would welcome an English translation of this content if anyone is up for it (I tried Google Translate, but I don’t thing the result is a worthy translation of the original … it needs an experienced translator to give it a little TLC!).

Access Dr. Cruzatti’s article here: PLANNING LEARNING INVESTED.

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