Making Lessons Non-Linear In 5 Minutes-ish

--Originally published at FLN – matthewtmoore

A quick guide to adapting your current linear curriculum to a basic non-linear format.

I have written about my thoughts, intents, and justifications for reorganizing my traditional linear plans into a more non-linear format in a previous blog both on my site and here on the Flipped Learning Network, but here is a list of key steps and a short video of how to turn an actual unit sequence into a non-linear plan with associated resources.

First steps to shifting non-linear:

  1. Label and list all the key topics in linear sequence (You probably already have this)
  2. Take a minute to categorize each topic as primary, secondary, tertiary, etc.
  3. Group similar secondary topics around a primary topics
  4. Organize the topic groups linearly ONLY where order is essential for either learning or good pedagogy.
  5. Create links to documents or folders that contain all necessary instruction, supports, supplements, assessments, etc. 
  6. TRAIN STUDENTS that learning can be the path they choose not simply what is pre-defined.  

Check this short tutorial:



Please let me know what you think about this process or the broader topic in general in the comments below or on twitter (@matthew_t_moore). BEWARE, once you start looking at your curriculum with non-linear eyes you will start seeing other ways to break teaching and learning rules.   Also you will start finding that your lesson plans may not be the only things you want to start changing.



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