Digital Classroom Tools: Video Interaction (7 of 9)

Interaction enhances learning

Learning is a two-way street. In the classroom we have long agreed that students being “talked at” does not equal effective teaching and learning.  Likewise, a student simply staring at a video regardless of its length or quality will not be as effective  if the student is not required to respond or react to the content of the video in some way.  This is where interaction tools allow us to provide students with an opportunity to respond and react to content in videos regardless of where or when they choose to view instruction.  Additionally, the best interaction tools also provide another opportunity for communication from student to teacher and teacher to student.  While some digital feedback can be pre-programed, we can increase learning by also adding personal feedback even if there is a time delay.  Finally, these types of interaction tools also allow for data collection and monitoring of student behavior for accountability purposes without increasing the work load on teachers. 

Join me for the  seventh entry in our Digital Classroom Tools series as we address “Video Interaction”

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