Introducing FLIPPED LEARNING TODAY, our new Digital Newsletter

We are delighted to unveil the first edition of our new, seasonal, digital newsletter!

We will be publishing new editions each spring, fall, and winter. Each edition will include regular features, and a listing of upcoming flipped learning professional development events and opportunities. 

Check it out!

Our regular features will include:

  • Spotlight on an FLN Member, where a member of our community shares a current project related to flipping in a specific classroom context.
  • Tool Tips, where we take a close look at one specific technology application useful for flipping your instruction
  • How and Why I Started Flipping, a personal account from one flipper
  • Meet the Advisory Board, an interview with one of our Board Members
  • Pillar Corner, where we focus on one of the Four Pillars of F-L-I-P in each issue.

Come on over and check out the inaugural Spring 2017 edition and subscribe for future editions (it’s free)!


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