Flipped Educator Spotlight Interview: Lindsay Cole

This Flipped Educator Spotlight features High School teacher Lindsay Cole, interviewed by Crystal Kirch. Lindsay teaches Biology at Kennett High School in North Conway, NH and has been flipping for several years. Join Crystal and Lindsay as they explore flipped learning successes, challenges, the “WSQ Disco”, and more! 

Here are the questions and topics that Crystal and Lindsay explore. Click the “time tags” to jump directly to a topic of interest if you wish! 

1:17 – Tell us about your background, where you teach, what you teach …
2:11 – How did you get started with flipped learning?
3:23 – What was it about flipped learning that intrigues you?
5:04 – You mentioned that when you first started you sort of “flopped” … what didn’t go so well and what did you learn from that?
6:40 – Discussion of “chunking” videos and proper video length (“1 to 1.5 min per grades level”)
7:54 – What have you changed with class time that has made flipped learning really successful?
9:37 – Can you briefly describe the “WSQ”?
12:25 – Discussion about the teacher’s role in this student-centered model
13:40 – Logistics – How do you make videos and how do you make sure students have access?
18:32 – Talk to us about what’s next, where you see this going, what do you want to explore next?
21:01 – Where can reach out to you and follow your work online?

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