Flipping Back-to-School-Night for Parents

In a recent interview with teacher Kathryn Nieves (for an upcoming Flipped Educator Spotlight interview), the special education teacher explained that she has been flipping back to school night. This is the first time I’d heard this idea, but it immediately made sense.

I’ve sat through many back to school nights and so often they tend to be rather rushed as teachers try to cram a ton of information into a brief time slot, often around 10 minutes or so in my experience.

By recording a brief video for parents to watch beforehand, not only can you provide more information and actually have some time for questions, but you also create a resource that can be rewound and reviewed (unlike those 10 fast minutes the night of the event!).

This made me curious … had others done this and written about it? Indeed, some teachers have. A quick web search turned up these blog posts:

So how about it? Have you flipped back to school night? If not, has this post made you think about it? If you’ve done it before or do it in the future, we hope you’ll stop back and tell us how it went!

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