Write a Book Review for the Flipped Learning Network!


Read a Good Book About Education? Tell Others About it Here!

Over the last few months we’ve shared various ways in which educators can participate and engage with colleagues here on the site and in our Slack community. We also shared 20 Great Flipped Teaching and Learning Topics to Write About. Well, here’s one more: Write a book review! 

A book review doesn’t have to be a lengthy, challenging academic task. Just share some thoughts about what you liked about the book and why you would encourage others to read it. In addition to the growing body of books out there about flipped learning, there are hundreds of books about technology and education, and thousands about education in general. Read a good one? Tell us about it. (Just reach out through this Contact form to let us know you have a piece to share). 

For those looking for tips on writing a good piece, here’s Ken Bauer’s article on blogging like an FLN champ.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to your contribution!


And speaking of Books, please stop by and checkout the Flipped Learning Network’s Bookclub! 

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