Flipping my Primary Classroom – Qualitative Results

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Dear fellow flippers (and interested parties),
Please find below a link to qualitative results generated by my class concerning the blended classroom.
There are 27 students in total in my class this year. The below survey supplies responses from 22 of them (some were away and others probably didn't hit the submit button).
Regardless, that's about 80 percent of the class, and I am comfortable referring to that as a representative sample.
The survey basically compared the teaching of our Multiplication and Division unit (which was taught entirely in the blended style with no face to face whole-class teaching) with traditional teaching (teacher out the front and class-swapping).
If you don't have time to look at the complete results, here's a very brief summary of data and comments:
About 80 percent prefer the total flip (blend). 20 percent don't mind, or really have an opinion.
Slightly more than 80 percent think they learn better in the blended classroom.
About 65 percent think we should use teaching videos all the time. 35 percent think it should be a mix of both.
Being able to rewind, pause or forward through the content (if they understand it) at their convenience is a very popular quality.
Here are some comments that stood out to me:
I do not really enjoy the hassle of swapping classes. We have to shuffle around everywhere and it just gets all too confusing. When we use our tech we can do it then and there. Simple!
Because i think i learn better while listening to you teaching us on the tech because its individual and if someone doesn't get it they can just look back on the video without disrupting the class and have to go back to the question their on.
I like it better. It's much easier than before. It also helps when you are stuck because you can review that part of the video.
because you can work at you own pace and i love doing stuff on my tech and you can pause it if you have a problem. Also you can watch the videos and if you still dont get it you can ask the teacher so it is like you are doing it both ways when you are whatching the videos
Because it's easyer to use and it is also NOT SUPER BORING plus it's cool how we have our own website to.We can also do stuff like this IT IS AWESOME!!!!!
because we can always go back to it
Because you can rewind, pause and stuff if you don't get it you can just re watch the video but when you learn in your class sometimes you don't understand and get it wrong but with the videos it helps me because i can pause, rewind and review.
Because it talks to you only and no one else.
And one of my favourites:
I think in some areas of learning there could be different videos for different people. For example, a video or two for people who need a bit of support, a video or two for the average learners and a video for the challenged learners. All of this might take too much time out of the teachers day, so it is understandable if this cannot be done.
For reasons of brevity I won’t include more comments. I want to! It has been quite difficult to discriminate – I wanted to include them all. But then I would just be reproducing the survey. Not all the comments were 100 percent positive (but most were). There is certainly one or two things to consider.
I do encourage you to take a look at the complete survey yourself. It is a fascinating read. Please find the link below. I used the internet tool 'survey monkey'.


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