#flipclass Flash Blog: An Essential Aspect of my Flipped Classroom (Relationships!)

--Originally published at Mrs. Gibbs Flips Algebra 1

It's a #flipclass Flash Blog!!!

Wow; this is hard! Just one?

So much is essential to my flipped classroom.

But I think everything goes back to relationships.

It was one of the first things I remember reading about flipped classrooms. You have more time to get to know your students better.

And it's true.

I know where they're weak. Where they're strong. I know things that are going on at home and outside the classroom. I know when they need to be pushed and when they need more time. I know when school is overwhelming them.

And students know me better, too. They know I care. They know I have their backs.

As my flipped classroom has evolved - and it is changing more than I every thought possible - the relationships I build with my students are the cornerstone of everything I do in my classroom.

Knowing my students better is the catalyst for many of the ways my flipped classroom has evolved.

I'm playing around with some self-pacing (blog post to come) because I know my students better.

I am able to provide more choice in my classroom because I know my students better.

My students collaborate more than ever before because I know them better.

I used to plow blindly through curriculum without enough regard to who "got it" and who didn't.

My flipped classroom has allowed me to know my students in such a way that I can no longer NOT make adjustments when necessary.

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