EDU@YourBest: Starting A Discussion Highlighting Every Teacher’s Best

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I believe that every teacher has something that is their “Best Thing”, and I want to talk about it.

I teach high school and college math.  I do not teach elementary students.  I have social science qualifications but I don’t do that daily either.  Until recently I had no idea what a Socratic Circle was, but if we are making a list of things I don’t know this becomes a multi-volume set rather than a blog post.  What I am trying to say is that if I want to be a better math teacher, I think I can benefit from learning what other teachers do even if it is outside my silo. So here are the beliefs, or at least hypotheses that underlie this podcasting endeavor.

I Believe:

  1. Every teacher has a “Best Thing”
  2. Every teacher is happy to talk about their “Best Thing”
  3. I can take something useful away from talking about their “Best Thing”
  4. Even if I don’t like it, it is still THEIR “Best Thing”
  5. By sharing our “Best Things” we all get better

The Plan:

  1. Find people in education (EDU) and ask for their best
  2. Do a passable job of podcast production value (hopefully improving)
  3. Share it with others and learn a little myself in the process
  4. Solicit constructive feedback and see where the project takes me

Episode 1:

Join me on the journey with the inaugural podcast with Quim Sabria the CEO-Founder of Edpuzzle. Quim was a sponsor and guest of the Illinois Flipped & Blended Learning Network in late June 2018 at our annual conference ILfabCon (#ILfabCon) as they were in Chicago for ISTE. As a co-founder of @ILFABN I had the opportunity to work and dine with Quim and his team as they trained conference attendees for two days and I was floored at the truly teacher centered philosophy at Edpuzzle.  Once he and I sat down to talk, the story of how he began the process to Edpuzzle and his personal teaching journey explained a lot about where he is and where he wants to go.  Listen to our conversation here:

NOTE: I 100% welcome comment and feedback as this is my first ever attempt at this and for some of you, you are the BEST at this.  

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