Don’t have the time to Flip your class? Think again.

--Originally published at Flipped Learning – Ed Tech Enthusiast

By far the question I get the most about flipped learning is this one.

Actually, it’s not really a question. It’s an assertion.

“I don’t have the time to make videos! I’m a full time teacher!”

This Blog/Vlog post is here to tell you, it actually doesn’t take that long.

How do I know? I’m a full time teacher, and I flip all my classes. I’ve made over 500 videos in the last 2 years. It can be done, you just need a process that’s fast and efficient.

Watch the video below to see me go from “in the wrong room” to “video complete” in under 4 minutes.

One last bit…

To make this video do the cool picture in picture thing I had to spend some time in Post production (editing after it was made).

As a flipped teacher, NEVER DO THIS! Make the video, save the video, send the video. No Post-Production! Don’t even watch it back. You were there when you made it, I assume you know what’s there!

No Post-Production! Or you’ll end up editing out every um, ah, and slight pause. Three hours later you’ll wonder where your life went.

What do you think? Do you have time to make a video?

Edit: Want to learn how to make your very own Lightboard? Learn here. How To Build a Lightboard On a Budget


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