What I Did/Didn’t Get Done for the Year

--Originally published at FLN – matthewtmoore

All teachers have the best of intentions and ideas about how to revolutionize education … but August comes around very quickly.

This is my #flipblogs round 3 entry.  I have again chosen the Vlog format as I am consciously ignoring everything I “NEED” to do and am taking my son camping so…. tthhhhuuurrrbbbttt… (tongue out emoticon) to adulthood I am blowing this popstand and heading to the lake.

But before I go, here is a quick 4 minute blog about the best laid plans of mice and educators and a quick preview of what I did get done.  This also serves as a preview to a longer series of blogs regarding my organizational view of my flipped classroom into discrete components called DIBs. Enjoy…by the time you read this I am out by the lake.

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